Danny’s Ride Receives $25,000 to Support a Veteran’s Organization

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The funds provided by Life Unites Us will support the Veteran’s Leadership Program of Western PA.

BETHLEHEM, Pa. (June 12, 2024)—Danny’s Ride, a local nonprofit that provides transportation services to those recovering from substance use disorder (SUD), received a $25,000 grant from Life Unites Us through its Community Award grant program. Danny’s Ride will use this funding to provide rides for the Veteran’s Leadership Program (VLP).

“This grant from Life Unites Us will enable us to help so many veterans,” said Nancy Knoebel, president and founder of Danny’s Ride. “Danny’s Ride is so grateful for this generous grant and looks forward to using it for the Veteran’s Leadership Program and expanding our services into western Pennsylvania.”

Life United Us is an evidence-based statewide public health campaign funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) in partnership with Penn State Harrisburg, the Public Goods Project, and Shatterproof. The campaign’s goal is to promote knowledge about SUD and reduce the stigma associated with addiction. The campaign was launched in September 2020, and the Community Award grant program was first implemented in 2021 to focus on community-building and leveraging the work of organizations in the state.

Upon receiving the award, Danny’s Ride will partner with VLP, a nonprofit that provides essential services to over 8,300 veterans annually in 30 counties throughout Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio. The organization works with the most vulnerable veterans, many of whom have been homeless. Through programming, VLP assists veterans with housing, wellness, career development and support services.

The Life Unites Us Community Award grant program aims to engage and empower community-based organizations in Pennsylvania to develop and implement outreach activities that decrease stigma and increase community understanding of substance use disorder, medication for opioid use disorder, harm reduction strategies, treatment, and recovery support services for the individual or the entire family system.

Research shows that transportation is a key issue individuals face in recovery from substance use disorder, alongside housing and employment. Danny’s Ride offers a viable, effective solution to this problem.

Danny’s Ride’s goal is to ensure everyone has access to the support and resources they need to achieve long-term recovery without transportation being a barrier. Danny’s Ride provided 960 rides in 2022, and as of March 31, 2024, has provided 14,157 rides in total.

The infrastructure includes access to and training on Roundtrip Health, a transportation service from Philadelphia that offers 24/7 support and connects ride requests with Uber and Lyft.

Recovery service providers identify those needing rides and connect them to essential recovery services and programs.

Danny’s Ride is committed to breaking down transportation barriers for people in recovery, ensuring they have access to essential services. With this grant, Danny’s Ride will continue to expand its impact, providing crucial support for VLP and beyond.

About Danny’s Ride

Founded in November 2020, Danny’s Ride addresses the significant barrier of transportation in substance use disorder recovery. This nonprofit is inspired by the compassionate spirit of Danny Teichman, who passed away in 2016. Utilizing the widespread availability of Lyft and Uber, the organization uses the necessary infrastructure and funding to provide essential rides to those in need. With the support of donors, partners, recovery staff, and the community, Danny’s Ride successfully fulfills its mission to ensure everyone who needs a ride to recovery services has access to one. Three states currently utilize Danny’s Rides’ services: Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and New Jersey. Danny’s Ride can work wherever Lyft and Uber are available.

To learn more about Danny’s Ride, visit www.dannysride.org.

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