MEET A NEIGHBOR You Didn’t Know You Had


Wanamakers General Store: an old-fashioned general store encourages community to appreciate the beauty of human interaction, meet your neighbor at their upcoming event

Does Technology Inhibit our Social Skills?

Eye Contact is Sometimes Awkward but Mostly Glorious

Kempton, PA: The idea that technology comes with pros and cons is not a new revelation. And, yes, society has reason to — more often than not — be grateful for the ever-expanding world of knowledge and innovation that exists today. Social media, for example, in all its shapes, forms and sizes, is a beautiful specimen. It tears down communication boundaries, and allows people to connect, no matter what corner of the world they hail from. However, it’s the depth of that word, “connect,” that you must remain mindful of. The fact that technology makes lives easier is not being disputed here but the question is this:

Does engagement in social media have a direct negative correlation with our awareness of physical and emotional connections that occur with in-person, human interaction? 

Clicking Like or Share is in no way comparable to the beauty of body language, vocal tones, joint laughter, and facial expressions. There’s no way to observe conversational cues via social media or experience eye contact in all its glory. The day that the world totally dismisses these powerful elements of human interaction — however awkward they may be at times — will be a sad, sad day. Thankfully, as is such with most matters, the power is in your hands. Start small:

  1. Get outside.
  2. Call up a friend.
  3. Go to an event.
  4. Meet your neighbor.

This is not a wake-up call for millennials. This idea is far bigger than any one generation. Instead, this is a simple request and reminder for all beings to be mindful of the connections you experience and appreciate the moment.

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About Wanamakers General Store: Wanamakers General Store, located on 8888 Kings Highway in Kempton, is an old-fashioned, family-owned general store in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The classic and charming shop offers everything from groceries, bulk food, and homemade deli items to locally produced crafts and made-in-the-USA toys. Come experience a long tradition of quality goods and honest service. More information at, Facebook (Wanamakers General Store LLC),  and  Instagram (@wanamakersgeneralstore).


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