Photos from the Community Celebration of Bethlehem’s 275th Anniversary

Photos by: John DelGrosso

Photos by: John DelGrosso

Bethlehem held its Community Celebration on Saturday, June 25th commemorating 275 years of history and progress. The celebration was held outside of the ArtsQuest Center on the SteelStacks campus. The event included performances from, the Liberty High School Grenadier Band, Freedom High School Fife Corps, Pennsylvania Youth Ballet Performs, Sacha Rodriguez, HALA (Hispanic American League of Artists) Dance Troupe, St. John African Methodist Church Choir, American Legion Band, Cunningham and Associates, Major and the Monbacks. Along with performances there was also several question and answer sessions with Bethlehem Hall of Fame inductees, presentations, and a Scholastic Scrimmage. The night ended with a fireworks display.


Bethlehem’s (National Achievement) Hall of Fame

28 individuals were chosen to be inducted into the Bethlehem Hall of Fame. Those honored have received national recognition in their respective fields. To qualify ALL nominees must have either; attended Bethlehem area schools or colleges, was born in Bethlehem, lived in Bethlehem, or worked in Bethlehem. 


 •Jonathan Frakes Raised in Bethlehem | Actor, Star Trek – Next Generation, Director, Author

 •Daniel Dae Kim Raised in Bethlehem, Freedom Grad | Actor, Lost, Hawaii Five-0, Producer, Director

 •Dwayne (the Rock) Johnson Freedom High School Grad | Actor, Movie Star, Pro Wrestler

 •Danny Roebuck Raised in Bethlehem, Becahi Grad | TV, Movie Actor, Producer

 •Thom Schuyler Born in Bethlehem | Songwriter, Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame

 •Tony Yazbeck Bethlehem Resident as a Youth | Stage Actor, Tony Nominee  

The Media

•Marty Baron Lehigh Grad | Editor Boston Globe, Executive Editor, Washington Post

 •Jack McCallum Bethlehem Resident | Writer, Sports Illustrated, Author

 •Billy Packer Raised in Bethlehem, Liberty Grad and Lehigh Coach | Sports Announcer for NBC, CBS and Fox

 •Sarah Strohmeyer Raised in Bethlehem | Author, Bubble Books

 •Andrea Tantaros Lehigh Grad | Broadcaster Fox News\The Five

 •David Zinczenko Bethlehem Native, Moravian College Grad | Author, Nutritional Expert, TV Personality 


•Pete Carril Bethlehem Born and Raised | Legendary Princeton Basketball Coach, National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame

 •Mike Caruso Bethlehem Resident, Lehigh Grad | National Hall of Fame Wrestling Champion

 •Mike Guman Raised in Bethlehem, Becahi Grad | Pro Football Player – Los Angeles Rams

 •Dan Harrigan Bethlehem Resident | 1976 Olympic (Bronze Medal Winner) Swimmer

 •Mike Hartenstein Raised in Bethlehem, Liberty Grad | Pro Football Player – Chicago Bears (1986 Super Bowl XX Championship Team)

 •Gary Lavelle – Grew up in Bethlehem, Liberty High Grad | All Star Baseball Player, San Francisco Giants

 •John Spagnola Raised in Bethlehem, Becahi Grad | Pro Football Player with the Philadelphia Eagles, Played in Super Bowl XV  


•Hank Barnette Bethlehem Resident | Bethlehem Steel CEO, Lawyer, Presidential Appointee

 •Richard Hayne Lehigh University Grad | Founder of Urban Outfitters

 •Lee Iacocca Lehigh University Grad | Chrysler Corp, Author

 •Raymond “Chip” Mason former Bethlehem resident | Founder of Legg Mason  


•Arup K. SenGupta Lehigh Professor | Invented Device that Removes Arsenic from Well Water

 •Dr. Reisa Sperling Raised in Bethlehem | Foremost Expert in Alzheimer’s Disease, Harvard Medical School 

Military Service

•Peter C. Bayer Jr. Lehigh Grad | Major General US Army

 •Paul McHale Born in Bethlehem, Former Resident | Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense

 •Jerome Hatfield Grew up in Bethlehem, Liberty High School Graduate | Lieutenant Colonel and Deputy Superintendent of Homeland Security