Allentown Mayor Ed Pawlowski announced today that he will waive admission fees at city pools on Saturday, August 13 and Sunday, August 14 during the Excessive Heat Watch and Warning put into effect by the National Weather Service to give residents the chance to cool off.

An “Excessive Heat Warning” is in effect for Saturday.  As of this writing, an “Excessive Heat Watch” will be in effect on Sunday.

Pawlowski’s policy is to waive admission fees during an “Excessive Heat Watch” or “Excessive Heat Warning” as determined by the National Weather Service.

The city’s Jordan and Irving pools are open Saturday and Sunday from 12pm until 7:00pm.  Mack Pool will be open during the same hours on Sunday, but it will be closed to the public on Saturday, August 13 for a private event.

Pawlowski also called on city residents to abide by pool regulations and cautioned that attendance will be restricted by mandatory occupancy limits.

“We are happy to provide this relief for all city residents to give them a chance to escape from the dangerous heat and humidity,” Pawlowski said. “We ask that everyone follow all pool regulations for their safety and the safety of the other patrons. Unruly or abusive behavior and overcrowding at our public pools will not be tolerated.”

Pawlowski advised that some residents may be directed to use another city pool if their first choice is overcrowded.  “Our Department of Parks & Recreation and Pools employees will do their best to accommodate everyone.  We ask that residents be patient because the demand for access could pose delays in access.”

The city’s Spray Park locations at Bucky Boyle Park and in the park at 5th and Allen streets are also operating.

According to the National Weather Service, the hot temperatures and high humidity will enhance the potential for the development of heat-related health issues among susceptible individuals. The National Weather Service recommends drinking plenty of fluids…staying in an air-conditioned environment if possible…staying out of the sun…and checking on elderly relatives and neighbors.  Pets should be kept in a cool location with plenty of available water.
Information provided by:
Mike Moore
Communications Manager
Mayor’s Office
435 Hamilton Street
Allentown, PA 18101