Hairy Dudini will be releasing the first official Dudini record…


Hairy Dudini will be releasing the first official Dudini record, with physical copies and digital distribution beginning on April 20th, 2017. This is the first to come of what is to be many. Vol. 1 includes 13 tracks, including songs, collaborations, loop machines and improvisations. Tracks to look out for are “Improvisation”, “TechnoBabble” and “Dear Linda” (previously released under the Jah People name and platform). If you are listening to this record, prepare yourself for funky magic music with gritty guitars, soulful songs, live looping and supersonic synthesizers!


Live loops, synths and sit-ins with the finest musicians. Also freaky funky guitar ripping. That’s what we do here. Plain n simple.

Hairy Dudini has shared stages with The Wailers, Smithereens, Tweed, Golden Gate Wingmen, Breakscience, members of The Nth Power, John Brown’s Body, Freeway, G Love & Special Sauce, Lettuce, The Roots and many more.

Alright…..enough reading. You should really go listen to some space funk!

For more information, booking, promo requests or to set up an interview, please contact Josh Klein at  Also visit,,, and to connect.

Upcoming Local Shows

Thursday 09 March 2017
Pearly Baker’s, Easton, PA     Show Info
Friday 17 March 2017
Southside 313, Bethlehem, PA      Show Info


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