Interview with Firenation Flamez – By: Janel Spiegel

Interview By: Janel Spiegel

The Valley Ledger’s Janel Spiegel was able to get an interview with Firenation Flamez after her latest performance here in the Lehigh Valley.

JS – First off, thank you for taking the time to speak with today. You really did an incredible job performing at Sportsmen’s Café!

Firenation– Oh, thank you.

JS – So how did you get started and what made you get into music?

Firenation– I started music first with poetry. I always laugh when I tell that story because I think everyone can relate to being young and you know having that mom or dad and I would really love to tell you how I feel but I would probably just end up across the room so I always had my notebooks and I started writing a whole bunch of poetry of just how I felt about everything and I would go crazy with it. The next thing I know I was creating the beats in my head to go with it and it just never stopped. I have been doing this since I was about seven and I just never stopped.

JS – Did you have anyone that inspired you professionally growing up?

Firenation– Growing up musically Lauren Hill has been one of my greatest influences. MC Lyte, Rakim, A Tribe Called Quest, KRS One and WuTang of course. I listen to many legends. RUN-DMC, they have always had so much influence in my life. My whole family is very in-tune with music so I always was surrounded by music. And different aspects of country music, rock music. I always found some kind of message in the music, something that was out of the box that always kept me passionate about music. I just become overwhelmed with the love I have for music.

JS – When you were performing at Sportsmen’s Café it was like all of you came alive while performing. How do you feel while performing?

Firenation– Absolutely. I know that when I am performing that my music to inspire somebody. I try to incorporate that into all my performances and all of my songs. I always tell people that music is life because it truly will give you life. I’ve been sick, I’ve been tired and cranky but that beat will drop and I am wide awake and ready to go. To be able influence someone’s mood or someone’s life in general. I’ve had a lot of people come to me after hearing my music and tell me that my music helped them. I’ve had a young girl who was basically suicidal come to me and tell me it was because of my songs that she kept going. At that moment it reminded me that it was more than just my story I am trying to tell but it is someone else’s story. I am living someone else’s dream, I am making someone else proud. I believe you really can change the world.

JS – Music in general cannot possibly bring anyone down, it does truly lift you up.

Firenation– Yes

JS – What are the differences for you performing at a smaller venue like Sportsmen’s Café in Allentown, PA versus a larger venue?

Firenation– It is more personal. I can shake hands with everyone in the room. I love Sportsmen’s Café. When I am in a bigger crowd it is always fun but it is so much more fun with the smaller crowds and with the smaller venues because you can be personal. Someone in the crowd will know my song like my song, “What’s Good” and I can get close to them. I love you guys, I want to hug you guys. We are coming from the same struggles, trials and tribulations. No matter whether it is big or small it is passionate and I am proud to be a part of it.

JS – I don’t like having to ask this question in 2017 because I always think we have always had strong female leaders and figures but what would you like to say to the women of the past, present and future that has a dream but they may be afraid to just go for it since you are a strong woman?

Firenation– Put on the gas and go. I’ve had people try to discourage me and people tell me that I am not ready. I’ve had people tell me that it is going to take a long time be discovered or seen and I built my studio from the ground up and created my album and now I am on-stage with some of the most legendary, iconic people I’ve ever known in my life. I will tell any female don’t settle, don’t take no as an answer. When they say no, create your yes! Create your opportunity, don’t feel that you need to follow the crowd. Nothing can stop you.

JS – What can you tell us about the current projects you are working on?

Firenation– Right now I am working on music videos and movies. I am completing my album as we speak. I am working with a range of female emcees. I am definitely going to make some noise everywhere I go. You will see a lot of growth in my music. I am also being booked back-to-back as we speak. My amazing manager Gloria Talley is just always on the gas. I am pretty versatile with my talent.

JS – Now, WuTang Clan is forever legendary. They have raised the bar higher than it could ever go. What is it like for you working with your brother Judah Priest?

Firenation– I love working with my brother. He is such a positive motivation. He will tell if it’s hot, if it’s not and what you can do to grow as an artist. He will put time in to build with you and talk with you. I have the honor of being able to write with him sometimes. I also have the honor of working with Buddha Monk. I’ve looked up to Buddha Monk, ODB, Method Man and Redman. I’ve listened to them for so long so when Buddha Monk calls your phone and he says he is a fans of yours you know you’re doing something right. When Judah listens to my music and he came around the corner saying my lyrics you kind of die inside and come alive at the same time.

JS – What has been some of your favorite moments so far out of everything you are doing so far?

Firenation– The feeling that its real and that after all these years of people telling me I couldn’t do it and after all these years of people doubting me I am finally doing it. People are finally recognizing my passion. My mom passed away thirteen years ago on Valentine’s Day and to know that my music is not only local but it is international it makes me feel that I am continuing the legacy that she set for me and to know that I am making my family proud.

JS – What do you want to say to the fans?

Firenation– To all the fans, the supporters, the followers. I want them to know that every moment, every like, every share, every view, every person that says “What’s Good”, every person that #Hashtags #HungryNHumble, you know my motto. I can’t thank you enough for the love that you’ve shown me, the support that you’ve shown me and my family. It means everything to me. I promise to deliver. I am always going to be hungry and humble. I will never forget where I came from. I will never forget the small things, those little things that create the flame. I am so grateful to everybody.





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