SUMMER OF HERBS – by Joe Scrizzi

Featured Image: Ramps from Primordia Farms

By Joe Scrizzi



I have been asked many times, “what are ramps, in regard to the herb?”.

Ramps are Wild Onions that are only available in early Spring to about late May time frame. If we are having a wet Spring (as we have had this year), Ramps will be plentiful! Ramps have a broad green leaf, slender stalk and teardrop bulb. Clean and remove the roots, entire plant is edible. Use the green tops in salads, soups, herbed dressings & butters. Chop up the entire plant and sauté with fresh local mushrooms. There’s no wrong way to try this incredible herb!

Fresh Ramps

There’s no wrong way to use ramps, use it as you would a scallion. Rough chop them for sautés, salads, soups, butters, taco’s, garnishes and even baking!

The two best ways I found to make them:

  1. Rough chop cleaned ramps and sauté with fresh mushrooms and top a Grilled Steak, Chicken or Tofu.
  2. Two sticks of softened butter, handful of finely chopped ramps, mixed in. Store in a container or roll in wax paper, twist ends and refrigerate. Spread on bread and toast, “coin” the butter and add to grilled steak or steamed veggies.


Get out to the local Farmers Markets this weekend and grab some Ramps!!!

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