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Local sleep consultant Ronee Welch helps parents solve challenging sleep problems and improve family health and happiness



Local sleep consultant Ronee Welch helps parents solve challenging sleep problems and improve family health and happiness

Macungie, Pennsylvania – Ask just about any new parent what’s on their mind, and you’re likely to hear the same answer over and over again: Sleep. Parents of newborns may joke about sleep deprivation being a “rite of passage,” but the fact is that many families suffer sleepless nights for months (or even years) – and the toll it takes on the child AND the parents are no laughing matter.

Moms whose babies keep them up at night are more likely to suffer from post-partum depression, and they’re three times more likely to be carrying an extra 11 pounds by baby’s first birthday, according to recently published research. Dads suffer too, as the ongoing stress leads to a disconnect between the parents, and can impact both parents’ performance at work. Plus, studies have recently linked sleep problems in children to a number of behavioral problems and ADHD.

According to local infant and toddler sleep consultant Ronee Welch, tackling the problem early is the most important step in avoiding these issues. Through one-on-one sessions and group seminars, Welch helps parents develop a customized sleep plan that addresses their family’s specific challenges, using techniques and strategies from The Sleep Sense™ Program developed by world-renowned sleep expert Dana Obleman.

“Ronee will be offering Lehigh Valley parents the same relief I’ve personally provided to thousands of families through my private practice,” Obleman said. “With her help, parents will learn to stop arguing about how to deal with their tired baby or toddler, develop a plan they can implement together, and regain their connection as a couple and a family.”

The important thing for families to understand, according to both Obleman and Welch is that sleep problems, while very common, don’t have to happen. Babies and toddlers want to sleep and are happier, healthier, and more able to learn when they can do so successfully.

More information about Ronee Welch and the Sleep Sense program are available at To book a free phone consultation, or inquire about the next group seminar, contact Ronee directly at 484-951-0902.





About Ronee Welch: Ronee has been personally trained by Dana Obleman, the creator of The Sleep Sense™ Program, whose methods have been used worldwide by more than 32,000 families to solve their children’s sleep problems.  She offers one-on-one sessions and group seminars for parents, and is available to lead workshops at drop-in groups or for public appearances at a reduced or pro-bono rate. She can be reached at 484-951-0902 or online at

About the Sleep Sense Program: The Sleep Sense Program was created by sleep expert Dana Obleman based on extensive research and personal experience with her own three children. She has been working with parents since 2003 to teach them her strategies for overcoming sleep difficulties in infants. Her program stresses the importance of letting children learn how to soothe themselves into a deep, restful sleep.

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