Richard Laslo “Cel King” coming to the Lehigh Valley – Interview By: Janel Spiegel

Interview By: Janel Spiegel


The Valley Ledger’s Janel Spiegel got to speak with the “Cel King” Richard Laslo who will be coming to the Lehigh Valley this weekend hosting an event at Gallery 415 in Catasauqua.

This Weekend’s Event Information:

“The Cel King Animania Festival 2”.
Hosted by: “Cel King” Richard Laslo.

The event is being held this coming weekend in Saturday, April 14th from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm and on Sunday, April 15th from 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm. Legendary animated cartoons and social issue animated films to be shown over Richard Laslo’s last 30+ years,at animation studios in NYC, NJ, NY, and Conn.! Other new generation digital animator guests will be showing their films and speaking as well. An animation art exhibit and tables of other artists and my own animated classic cel art,etc. In addition,an oldies r/r DJ will be playing classic oldies r/r music from an FM station in my area there. Food, wine, cakes, cheeses, and salads, as well. Fun galore and more… Address: 417 Front St Catasauqua, Pennsylvania


Who has inspired you professionally?

I was inspired in my career by many other famous artists before and during my time. such as Chuck Jones of Warner Bros. and Walt Disney as well as Popeye cartoons!

I met Chuck Jones once at a NYC gallery in 1993 before he died. He shook my hand and told me as “Cel King” to carry on the hand tradition of animation using cels. He said he was proud of me to carry it on and I continue to do so to this day!!


Please tell is about the process that goes into creation this type of art?

I still use the traditional acetate cel process which includes hand-painting and inking cels and illustrated backgrounds. I currently have a cel revival going on doing 2_films at the moment in collaboration with a legendary animator from the industry! We are probably the only ones left utilizing the process!


What do you want the people of the Lehigh Valley who will be attending to know?

I’m using acetate cels again xeroxed and painted for the process in 2018!! Just as Chuck Jones wanted!! My upcoming event is very unique in itself in that I’m the host and planned it all!! I will be showing legendary animated cartoons and other social issue films, etc. created using the traditional processes over 30+ years !! I had heavy involvement as a traditional animation service as “Cel King”!! These will be shown and other new generation animators showing their films and speaking will be featured as well.


Do you have any other appearances?

I have another featured guest artist appearance coming up at “The Lehigh Valley Comic Con” north of Allentown, Pa. on August 25th!! I will be exhibiting at my booth legendary cartoon cel art and more. Recently was a featured guest artist at the Lee Platt “Forge Marketplace” in Flemington, NJ.


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