Raven Fine Art Editions announces fine print publication with Danny Simmons, Jr.

Featured Image: Danny Simmons, Jr.

Easton, Pennsylvania: Raven Fine Art Editions is collaborating with artist Danny Simmons to create a series of print editions entitled Deeper Desire. This new work is comprised of four unique images that can either be purchased individually or combined as a set. The four images, printed on a sheet size of 22 x 30 inches, have been conceived so that when joined, they create a unified work. Curlee Raven Holton, director of Raven Fine Art Editions, is proud to offer this opportunity for collectors to acquire an original fine art print by a popular artist and arts leader.

Danny Simmons, Jr. working on Deeper Desire at Raven Fine Art Editions

Danny Simmons, Jr., is an American abstract painter, poet and author. He strives to use painting as a spiritual conduit and many of his works connect tribal musings to modern society. Much like  modernists, he reworks or reimagines tribal paintings and markings into a modern context. His current work is inspired by textiles but then the artist uses dots, circles, and interconnected lines to form an abstract painting landscape.

Simmons is a poet and co-producer of the hit HBO series (and Tony-winning Broadway show) Def  Poetry Jam with his siblings Russell and Joseph. He also heads the Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation with his brother, Russell Simmons.

Painter and master printmaker, Curlee Raven Holton is the founding director of Raven Fine Art  Editions. His paintings, drawings, and prints are held by major museums and collections in the U.S.    and abroad. He was the founding director of the Experimental Printmaking Institute at Lafayette College and in 2014, he was appointed executive director of the David C. Driskell Center for the Study of the Visual Arts and Culture of African Americans and the African Diaspora at University of Maryland, College Park.

Raven Fine Art Editions has produced print editions by some of America’s most important artists for collectors and major museums. As a private fine arts publisher, Raven Editions has achieved stellar results in the studio and gained recognition among collectors and institutions, both nationally and internationally. Curlee Raven Holton and Raven Fine Art Editions have produced works of art in collaboration with artists such as Faith Ringgold, Sam Gilliam, Richard Anuszkiewicz, Grace Hartigan, Kay WalkingStick, and many others.

For information about the print edition, follow @ravenfinearteditions on Facebook or contact: Susan Ellis, Raven Fine Art Editions, ravenfinearteditions@gmail.com.


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