People’s Town Hall to be Held on Issues of Gentrification in Allentown

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Hosted by Lehigh Valley Stands Up: Multi-Racial, Transformative Political Change in the Valley


WHAT: Town Hall to discuss issues of Gentrification and Displacement in the Lehigh Valley

WHEN: Saturday, February 15th, 10:00am – 12:00pm EST

WHERE:  Resurrected Life Community School, 916 W. Turner St, Allentown, PA

ALLENTOWN, PA — While elected officials enjoy touting that Allentown is a “city on the rise,” it has come at a cost to many families that have been displaced from their homes. The ANIZDA Board in charge of the Neighborhood Improvement Zone has not consulted the community before demolishing homes and small businesses to build high rise apartments and office buildings.

Lehigh Valley Stands Up, an organization pushing for transformative political change, is hosting a Town Hall to allow the community a chance to have their concerns heard. Elected officials are invited but have been asked to listen rather than speak during the event. The Town Hall will provide breakfast and translation and is open to anyone in the Lehigh Valley who wishes to speak about how Gentrification and Displacement affects them.

Organizers and volunteers will work with the community on next steps after the town hall to develop a plan to make the changes they voice, if any.

Lehigh Valley Stands Up is on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @LVStandsUp


Information provided to TVL by:
Ashleigh Strange
Regional Organizer at Lehigh Valley Stands Up