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Business partners buy, plan to renovate and reopen mini golf in Schnecksville

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ALLENTOWN, PA _ Anthony “AJ” McCloskey of Hamburg recently closed on the business and real estate acquisition of the mini-golf course and batting cages located in Schnecksville with a friend and business partner. The partners have plans to renovate and reopen it as Rolling Hills Recreation this spring.

McCloskey and his partner will be putting more than $130,000 worth of renovations and upgrades into the nearly 2-acre site at 4565 Spring Hill Drive, formerly the Spring Hill Golf Course & Batting Cages. An SBA 7a loan was obtained and arranged for the purchase by Jeff Barber of Lehigh Financial Group LLC.

McCloskey and his partner plan to not only renovate the existing 18-hole course and greens but also the four hardball and four softball stations, as well as the inside of the clubhouse and snack bar. In addition, they plan to sell the artisan ice cream from The Nesting Box Farm Market & Creamery in Kempton, in flavors made exclusively for the course including one that is booze-infused. “We want to use local vendors as much as possible,” McCloskey said. “We plan to offer A-treat soda as well.”

They also plan to hold special events such as car shows throughout the season which will run through October or November depending on the weather.

The Spring Hill Golf Course has been closed for more than a year, McCloskey said. They are planning a grand opening for May 1 and expect the renovations to be complete by then.

The partners said the COVID pandemic has made for some challenges but also that it is an ideal time to open an outdoor recreational facility like they are planning. “You social distance when you’re playing mini golf, and we have windows through which we can serve food,” McCloskey said.

Barber said, “The mini-golf course has a great history for families of all ages for affordable entertainment throughout the Lehigh Valley and AJ and his business partner are going to be extremely successful with this location upon reopening with all of their upgrades.”

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