What is Your Focus? – by Carrie Beleno

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What do you see in this picture? Do you see a poor, struggling seedling trying to survive in an inhospitable environment?

Or do you see hope for new life, a new life that’s defying the odds and charting a new path in uncertain terrain?

Focus~perspective~is everything. Remember, WE create our reality.

We create this reality through our emotions. Some teachers say we create with our thoughts, but I don’t see it that way. Our thoughts trigger emotions, or actions/reactions that create emotions, and that’s our power tool for creation. Emotions.

So if you see a struggling-to-survive seedling in this pic, you may be invoking fear, anxiety, pity. Perhaps frustration. And those are definitely not emotions you want to create anything with.

If you see hope, a you-can-do-it attitude, then you are invoking optimism, perseverance, faith. All foundations to create something spectacular with.

So I encourage you to force yourself to be the glass-half-full kind of person. Don’t resort to telling yourself, “This is the way I always am,” or “It’s impossible for me to see it any other way, I’m a pessimist.” Those are the OLD stories, the things we’ve been led to believe through prior situations or told by other people in our lives.

Each and every day is a new creation, one where you get to choose.

Please choose consciously and with focus. Because perception is everything.

(If you have difficulty embracing any of these concepts, please connect with me on my
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Live in Love.

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