Accent School of Dance Recital – Passport, Please. 

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Article and Photos  By: Joe Scrizzi

2021 marks the 25th Anniversary of Accent School of Dance Recital, owned by Karen Rich who is also a former Eagles cheerleader.

This year’s event was held at Steel Stacks / Artsquest in Bethlehem, PA.
Recital Title: Passport, Please.
The event kicked off Sunday at 9:30AM and continued throughout the day, into the evening, ending around 7PM. Lots of friend’s and family gathered for today’s performances!
Many styles of Dance were showcased:
Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tap and Combo’s.
Choreography & Costumes were on point and fit each act.
Bella performed a Solo entitled: Blame You. The crowd was silent and her dance told a story. Just as Maddie & Meredith did a Duet to No Ordinary Life, exquisite!
There was a 60s/70s music combo entitled The Inferno that had the crowd around me dancing, the outfits were bright to say the least and great vibe to the entire act!
The entire day was filled with Fun and Entertainment. Kudos to All the Performers an Instructors on a job well done. Your hard work and dedication shows on the stage!