Dance Classes at Muhlenberg College!

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Muhlenberg’s nationally acclaimed Dance Program offers high quality, non-credit dance and movement education courses for teens and adults. All classes will be taught in person on campus.

Teen classes start Sept. 20.
Adult Tap classes start Sept. 14.
Pilates starts Sept. 23.

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At this time, MCDC youth classes for students under 13 continue to be on hiatus. We will continue to revisit the program schedule as the pandemic situation develops.

All MCDC students are required to be vaccinated against Covid-19. We will email you prior to the start of classes with information about how to submit verification.

Teen Classes, Sept. 20 – Dec. 11, 2021
for students age 13 and up

Mondays, 6:30–7:45 pm

Wednesdays, 6:30–7:45 pm

Saturdays, 10–11:15 am

Visit the website for a detailed schedule. Class sessions are eleven classes each.

Cost for Youth Classes:
$134 for 1 class/week
$248 for 2 classes/week
$336 for 3 classes/week

Children of Muhlenberg faculty and staff save 15%
Students ages 14 and up are also invited to take Adult Tap classes this fall, beginning Sept. 14.

Adult Tap, Sept. 14 – Dec. 7, 2021
w/ instructor Robyn Watson
ages 14 and up
Rm 226, Baker Center for the Arts

  Beginner Tap:
Tuesdays, 5:30–6:30 pm

This fun, welcoming class is for beginners and advanced beginners. We will focus on the basic tap technique, understanding musicality, and exploring the improvisation and history of this amazing art form

  Intermediate/Advanced Tap:
Tuesdays, 6:30–7:30 pm

This class is for the dancer who has a good working knowledge of tap technique. Emphasis will be exploring that technique, musicality, history and improvisation.

Session 1
Sept. 14 – Oct. 19
Session 2
Oct. 26 – Dec. 7 (no class Nov. 23)

Fall Tuition for Tap:
ONE six-week session — $90
BOTH six-week sessions — $180

Muhlenberg faculty and staff and their children save 15%. Full-time Muhlenberg students save 30%.

Pilates, Sept. 23 – Dec. 2, 2021
w/ instructor Ellen Troy Mulcahy
ages 18+
Pilates Studio, Life Sports Center

  Beginner/Low Intermediate:
Thursdays, 5:15–6:15 pm

A small group workout on the Pilates Reformer designed to increase your core and overall body strength and flexibility while emphasizing proper breathing and alignment.

  Intermediate/Advanced Intermediate:
Thursdays, 6:30–7:30 pm

This class utilizes intermediate and advanced level Reformer exercises to challenge your core and increase overall body strength and flexibility.
    Prerequisite: Prior Pilates Reformer or movement experience required. Clients must have been evaluated by Ellen before signing up for the class.

Session 1
Sept. 23 – Oct. 21
Session 2
Oct. 28 – Dec. 2 (no class Nov. 25)

Fall Tuition for Pilates:
ONE five-week session — $110
BOTH five-week sessions — $220

Muhlenberg faculty and staff and their children save 15%. Full-time Muhlenberg students save 30%.

Private & Semi-Private Training
Interested in private or semi-private Pilates training? Certified Pilates instructor Ellen Troy Mulcahy is available to schedule individual and small-group sessions with clients, offering discounts for Muhlenberg faculty, staff & students. All sessions are 55 minutes. Contact Ellen for more information.

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