A Boy’s Hobby Becomes a Museum Exhibit – New Exhibition to Open at America On Wheels

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ALLENTOWN, PA – American On Wheels Museum announces its next exhibit opening October 27 through March of 2022. The Gary Hiller Collection; One Man’s Collection – From Boyhood to Manhood. Incorporating model designs from 1931 to 1951, it follows the obsession of one youngster with his first car, a 1930 Ford – Model A Cabriolet that he saved from the junkman in 1954 when he was twelve years old, lovingly restored it until he was old enough to drive it, and the story continues up until his purchase of a 1933 Auburn Boattail Speedster in 2021. Along the way, Mr. Hiller acquired five Buicks, another Ford, and a Chrysler.

The uniqueness of this exhibit is in the details: how young Gary got his first car for $37, stored it in his grandmother’s backyard for four years, working on it until he was old enough to actually drive it. And how he purchased a 1936 Buick Roadmaster, “Old Blue,” in 1965, which started Gary’s love for Buicks. When he purchased this car (for $32) in Hempstead, NY, it had 55,785 miles on the odometer. Today, “Old Blue” has 60,360 miles on the odometer.  The car had been in a garage for 24 years. The oil had not been changed since October 14, 1941 – he left the original oil change stickers on the door.

Museum Executive Director, Linda Merkel, states this exhibit is certainly one of kind to view.  There will be storyboards explaining the timeline of Mr. Hiller’s outstanding collection for all to view.

At America On Wheels, you can see all the automobiles and learn their fascinating stories, including seeing the one that almost got away, and the one that won the Nicola Bulgari Choice Award at the National Buick Club Anniversary Show held in Allentown in 2016.

Sneak preview of the cars on display:

  • 1930 Ford – Model A Cabriolet – Acquired in 1954
  • 1936 Buick – Roadmaster – “Old Blue” Purchased in 1965
  • 1938 Buick Special Convertible – Rumble Seat Coupe – Purchased in 1985
  • 1948 Chrysler – Town & Country Convertible Coupe – Purchased in 1999
  • 1951 Ford – Convertible – Purchased in 2008
  • 1937 Buick – Century – Purchased in 2009
  • 1931 Buick – Roadster – Purchased in 2013
  • 1948 Buick Super – Convertible – Purchased in 2019
  • 1933 Auburn – Boattail Speedster Purchased in 2021

Visit www.americaonwheels.org for Museum hours of operation.  Adults $12, Seniors $9.00, Children 12 and under FREE every weekend.  Seniors FREE the first Thursday of each month.

Information provided to TVL by:
Linda Merkel
Executive Director
America On Wheels Museum
5 North Front Street
Allentown, PA 18102