Trout Season Opener – April 2, 2016

Photo by: Michael Hujsa Photography 

Spring is here and Trout Season is upon us once again. April 2, 2016 marks the starting date for Lehigh County and surrounding counties south of us.

All along creeks, anglers and their friends and families will wait at their favorite spots for the official 8 a.m. start time and an opportunity to catch some of the thousands of trout stocked each year by the Pennsylvania Fish Commission. Anglers can keep a daily creel limit of 5 trout, with a minimum size of 7 inches long.

While opening day of trout season is always one of the most exciting fishing days of the year, it’s also one of the biggest social events as well. They are designed to be enjoyed with family and friends and to create memories that last a lifetime.  Each year more than 800,000 anglers buy a fishing license, which is required for anyone 16 and older.

Good Luck,

Joe Scrizzi, The Valley Ledger Contributor

Be on the look out for more from Joe. He will be contributing articles on a wide range of subjects from food to venues. We are excited that he has joined The Valley Ledger and look forward to sharing his knowledge, experience and point of view with the rest of the Lehigh Valley!