PBS39 WLVT and ASR Media Productions to Partner


The Lehigh Valley media companies are joining forces to capitalize on
operational synergies and broaden their impact on the Lehigh Valley

Bethlehem, Pa. — May 12, 2016 — At a press conference held this morning at the PPL Public Media Center at PBS39, CEO Tim Fallon announced that the public television station will expand its reach in the community by partnering with ASR Media Productions, a for-profit video and television production company located in Bethlehem, beginning May 16, 2016. PBS39’s addition of ASR Media Productions will build on the station’s core competencies in video and television production, resulting in increased efficiencies, cost savings, and opportunities to collaborate on future projects.

ASR PBS39 Video from ASR Media Productions on Vimeo.


“PBS39 is proud of what we have accomplished together with the ASR Media Productions team, and look forward to building on that foundation through this partnership,” said Tim Fallon, CEO of PBS39. “PBS39 and ASR Media have a longstanding record of placing community in the forefront of our productions, and we are looking forward to the collective impact our work will have on the Lehigh Valley.”

The two have a proven track record of successful collaborations and co-productions, including the nationally acclaimed program, Roey’s Paintbox – Art is for Everyone. The Mid-Atlantic Emmy®-nominated series airs on dozens of Public Television Broadcasting stations, including, ARKA, (Arkansas), KOOD (Kansas), RSU (Oklahoma) and WPHS (New York). Other co-productions and collaborations include Fireflies Musical Yoga for Kids, Science Time and Mechatronics.

“The ASR Media team has successfully brought a visual voice to the Lehigh Valley,” said Ashley Russo, President of ASR Media Productions. “We are excited for the opportunity to partner with a well-regarded brand like PBS39, to broaden our reach within the community.”

PBS39 and ASR Media will continue their individual production work, including ASR Media’s Emmy® Award-winning The PEAK TV, and PBS39’s Emmy®-nominated weekly news magazine program, FOCUS. PBS39 and ASR Media will maintain and grow their individual client bases, collaborate on current and new projects, and share resources to increase efficiencies, all in an effort to create better, more engaging products. The partnership is self-funding and will diversify the revenue streams to continue to support the mission.

“More changes are coming soon,” reports Mr. Fallon. “Stay tuned as PBS39 becomes more outwardly focused and more engaged, as we position ourselves to make a significant impact on Bethlehem, the Greater Lehigh Valley Region, and beyond.”


About PBS39

PBS39 is a community-owned public television station licensed to Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton, Pa., serving eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey. PBS39 is owned and operated by the Lehigh Valley Public Telecommunications Corporation. The mission of PBS39 is to educate, inspire, inform, and entertain, while stimulating the exchange of ideas for community enrichment. For more information, please visit wlvt.org.

About ASR Media Productions

ASR Media Productions are creators of meaningful media, such as two-time Emmy® Award-winning The PEAK TV, Lehigh Valley’s premier lifestyle program airing locally on WFMZ – Channel 69 and nationally on DrTV. Other productions include Roey’s Paintbox – Art is for Everyone, Fireflies Yoga for Kids, and Science Time, all airing on PBS39. ASR Media Productions, located in Bethlehem, Pa., specializes in video and television production services; creative direction and writing; documentary storytelling; commercial concept and development; event recaps; and media training, as well as marketing and social media placement that complement and enhance a company’s existing efforts. ASR Media assists in the development of effective strategies for creating relationships between businesses and their key audiences. Each customized project is designed to meet our client’s immediate and long-term goals. For more information, please visit asrmediaproductions.com.


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