Allentown School District Realigns Academic Leadership


Allentown, PA (August 25, 2016):  The Allentown School Board of Education approved a realignment of the Academic Leadership team at their August 25 Board Meeting.


“Our academic leadership reorganization focuses on prioritizing instructional programs and improving student performance,” states Dr. Gary Cooper, Interim Superintendent of the Allentown School District. “We have eliminated some titles that are not aligned with this academic priority and have placed a new emphasis on non-traditional education in response to the growth in this area.”

Under this focus the following positions have been realigned:

  • Acting Deputy Superintendent: David M. Wildonger
  • Assistant Superintendent: Kristin Kruger
  • Chief Officer of Alternative Supportive & Virtual Education: Dr. Tina Belardi
  • Executive Director of Elementary Education: Jennifer Ramos
  • Executive Director of Secondary Education: Ralph Lovelidge

There were additional position changes as follows: Lucretia Brown, Director of Equity; Melissa Smith, Director of Literacy; and Keith Falko, Director of Operations.

About Allentown School District

ASD serves more than 16,250 students in a network of 22 early childhood, elementary, middle and high schools located throughout the City of Allentown, PA. The Allentown School District is the third largest urban school district in the Commonwealth’s 500 school districts. A shared vision of the community, parents, guardians, staff and faculty focuses on “Empowering Students for Life,” providing ASD students with the skills and academics they need to realize their aspirations whether they be college, career or technical focus. ASD goals are aligned and compatible with the Pathways to Success Framework while providing a balanced education to all students. Allentown School District employs more than 2,250 teachers, staff and administrators. The District, founded in 1866, serves students from 51 countries speaking 26 languages with more than 89% of ASD households qualifying as low income. The Allentown School District is committed to providing safe learning environments in which all students have equal access to education programs and resources.


Information provided by:
Kimberly Golden Benner
Director of Communications
Allentown School District