There is much to see and do at the 2016 Great Allentown Fair

Story & Photography by Kris Hilliard

Rain Does Not Deter Allentown Fairgoers

Allentown, Pa. Thursday fairgoers were initially greeted by rain drops as the day got underway. After a few breaks in the rain, Sun and humidity returned!

During my walk through the grounds I found most people and animals did not seem to mind it too much. My favorite photo of the day which gave me quite a giggle, was two swine pigs sleeping head to head and hoof to hoof on their sides with full bellies and their food bucket flipped upside down on top of their snouts!  I met another woman Carole Holder of Lilac Corners Farm posting ribbons after several rounds of showing farm animals, for their farm, after walking through I came back to get a shot of her with all of the ribbons her participating farm had won, which was quite a few. I met another man named “John” inside the Ag Hall Agri-Plex, he began to tell me he has been with the fair I believe as a volunteer for more than 10 years. He told me how to enter for future years for baked goods and photographs. He then showed me a few of his own wooden piece entries that had indeed won a few ribbons.

The day was full of animals, fair workers and community. I sat in on a few games of Bingo being run by the Astor Bingo of Allentown and there were many winners at my table. I enjoyed being able to catch the sights and remembered many things from my youth including the Mountainville Memorial food stand, still in its original section all these years later.

I did catch two fairgoers ready for the “KISS” rock concert as they walked the fair in their “KISS” like face paint, as they remembered fond music of their generation. The Allentown Fair is a nice day out for the family to enjoy the local foods and also enjoy the midway filled with many popular rides.

The many contest peeked my interest as well as seeing a goat milked by a machine for the first time. I also enjoyed watch the showing of animals that were being judged, I really enjoyed the day out amongst the community.

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