This Is Us – By Carrie Beleno

Are you one of the 10 million people watching, and loving, this new TV show?

I wake up with the theme, message and/or metaphor in my head and heart when it’s time to blog.

Today it was This Is Us.

Have you noticed the sheer number of topics covered each week that focus on acceptance? Divorce, ethnicity, race, adoption, death, abandonment, sexual orientation, body image, wealth, poverty, addictions? And somehow, through it all, the characters find and demonstrate acceptance.

I know, I know, TV is a fantasy world, right? But what if WE took our cue from this fantasy? I mean, we do it all the time, don’t we? Often emulating and revering our pop, film, sports and even the “15 minutes of fame” news stars?

What if we adopted the notion that “this is US” and not “this is US against THEM?” Drop the blame that everything is “their” fault?  …continue

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