One Year & Beyond…

More than honored to give an update on the first article I ever posted! Natasha’s story is one of determination and perseverance! She is consistent in her efforts and goals. Please go back and read the previous article from January 2015! Her story is an inspiration and proof that she and you too; no matter the circumstances, can become healthy and fit! Congratulations Natasha!

“5 months ago (January 2015), I gave you the back story of a thin young adult woman turned obese due to a hormonal disease, discouraging her daily for nearly 12 years, myself. Now I want to bring you to the present and foreseeable future.

When I left off, I had lost an incredible 48 lbs in 8 months (weighing 165 lbs), which was just 15 lbs from my goal of 150 lbs. Over the winter months, I continued to work hard and stick to a low calorie diet. You see, with the success I had already had, I was very encouraged and driven to push myself to my goal, and wasn’t about to stop for anything. I did back off, only for about a week after falling ill in mid-March, but got right back into my 5-6 day a week routine as soon as I was able.

Spring rolled around, and the warmer weather renewed my spirit. By mid-April (2015), all the time, effort and work I had put in had paid off. Less than 1 year from when I began training with Tess, I reached my goal of 150 lbs (down from 213.2 lbs)! Success was achieved and I felt completely empowered. Not only did I feel great, but my health had improved as well. In October 2014 I went in for a full blood-work, even after losing over 30 lbs, I was considered obese at 181 lbs and had high cholesterol with high sugar levels. April 2015 was my 6 month follow-up blood work, and I was anxious about it. With my healthier lifestyle of low calories (now low cholesterol too), plenty of exercise and the assistance of Red Rice and Fish Oil supplements, I was hoping for much better results this time around. I was not disappointed…while still slightly overweight (at 147.6 lbs), my cholesterol AND sugars were both under control. Both doctors and I were satisfied with the results, no prescription medications needed!! Another victory!

While I reached my initial goal, and my health was finally on track, this was not the end of my story, I set my sites on new goals. I still had more weight to lose to be considered healthy, at 5’ 4” my allowable weight is between 110 lbs-145 lbs, and I also had quite a bit of toning to do with all the weight loss. My new goal became 125-130 lbs, however my promise to myself was to keep the healthy lifestyle I had become accustomed to, and to never go back, even once I did hit that weight range.

In May, my husband and cousin joined me in training. I even began writing my own routines. Now that the weather was nice enough, we trained outdoors in the elements, which, even though I had been working out diligently, was a change on my body and I began dropping pounds yet again! (amazing how small changes in your routine can confuse your body, and in turn bring great results) We began taking weekly walks to the lake by our house, even walking all the way around the lake (when time permitted) adding up to a 5 mile walk/hike. (fantastic exercise)

May 12, 2015 was my official ‘One Year’ mark from when I began training with Tess. I weighed in at 141.4 lbs (down from 213.2 lbs – that’s nearly 72 lbs in one year), fitting a size large top (from a 2XL) and a size 8 pant/jean (from a size 18)!! Although my shape is different as an adult having birthed a child, I weigh less than I did at 23 years old (2 years before having a child). Better results than I ever expected or could have asked for. All due to dedication to training and a low calorie diet, never did I have to make any extreme changes to get these results, all that I have done over the past year, I can and will continue as it is my new lifestyle.

Today, I continue to work on becoming more fit than I have ever been before. Weight loss, although welcome, is no longer my goal. I’m now weighing in at 139 lbs and am comfortable here, although I would love to get to 130 lbs giving me wiggle room for any weight I may put on as I continue to gain muscle.

Along this journey, I have been documenting my progress on FB, which has made me vulnerable to scrutiny, those grossed out by and judging the large woman I was, those who have not managed to get results themselves, and those that think I’ve gone too far. However, my documentation has also left me open for encouragement and praise, and has inspired others to take the plunge to becoming healthier. More viewers fall into this category than the other. I have received comments, texts and private messages from many asking how I did it, for advice, recipes and tips, so many that it became overwhelming (in a good way). Because of this I created my own community page on FB for like minded individuals looking to become healthy or already are, who have questions, advice, stories, etc., to share.

In the near future, aside from continuing to tone and become fit, I look forward to trying out a new product, recommended by my trainer, Isagenix®. I believe this will get those last couple of pounds off and get me to the next level. Also to come…I will be attempting the mud run once again…this time with every intention to finish and do so WITHOUT injury. I am stronger and lighter and have much more confidence than before, I CAN DO THIS!

After that, I don’t know where my journey will take me, or what I will take on next, but I do know that anything that I take on…I will succeed. If this journey has taught me anything, it is to have faith in myself, that I can do things I never thought I possible. It’s been an emotional 12+ months, I look at myself in a whole new way, and at times, still cannot believe that’s me looking back in the mirror. Still surprised by my strength and endurance, and loving every moment of it.



I will forever be grateful to my trainer (and friend), Tess, for taking me under her wing and giving me my life back!”