Joshua Siegel Runs for Allentown City Council on All-American City Vision: Siegel Presents Bold and Progressive Path for Allentown


Joshua Siegel Runs for Allentown City Council on All-American City Vision: Siegel Presents Bold and Progressive Path for Allentown

(Allentown, PA)- Joshua Siegel, declared his candidacy for Allentown City Council this Saturday at the East Side Youth Center in front of a crowd of friends, family and community leaders, including Lehigh County Executive Phillips Armstrong and Allentown Mayor Ray O’Connell.

Siegel stressed the need for strong leadership throughout his announcement, “You deserve a government that fights for you, fights for your interests, your concerns and your future.” Siegel discussed his belief in the importance of looking locally for answers and his vision for renewing our nation at the city and metro level.  He dubbed this vision the All-American City model.

“I believe that Allentown can be an All-American City, but an All-American city is one that goes all in on its residents. It’s one that invests and inspires its citizens to achieve their fullest potential and works for the working class.  A city that embraces a renewed sense of solidarity and drive amongst its people.  A city that embraces a collective concern for the well-being of all, and a stronger sense of community,” said Siegel.

Siegel laid out this agenda which includes:

  • A fair share tax plan that ensures our most vulnerable from fixed-income seniors and workers living paycheck to paycheck don’t face such high financial burdens.
  • A comprehensive housing policy that expands affordable housing options and tackles blighted structures and absentee landlords.
  • A modern economic development strategy that prioritizes the creation of high-wage, family sustaining jobs.
  • A stronger bond between the city and school district and emphasis on youth leadership and development.
  • A responsible environmental policy that reflects cities contributions to climate change and sustainable practices.

Siegel surmised his vision stating “This race is about fighting for you, for the residents of Allentown, and fighting to make Allentown, an All-American City that represents the best a city can aspire to become.  This about ensuring no voice is left unheard and no one feels powerless.”


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