Lehigh Valley Freedom School – June 21 through July 30

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The Lehigh Valley Freedom School program will be held from June 21 through July 30 at the following locations: Resurrected Life Community United Church of Christ (144 N 9th), Union Baptist Church (302 N 6th Street) and Christ Lutheran Church (1245 Hamilton Street). The Lehigh Valley Freedom Schools is a partnership with the Children’s Defense Fund and is designed to strengthen the educational, civic, and leadership potential of children from grades K-12 engaging them as student scholars. The program will be held daily and literacy activities, parent and family engagement, two meals and snacks per day, enrichment activities and field trips are included in the program.

The staff of the Lehigh Valley Freedom School have been trained by the Children’s Defense Fund and are eager to make this six-week program a gift to children and families. There is no cost to participants for this program and the Lehigh Valley Freedom School Partnership Committee has obtained gifts and grants to cover the cost for 150 children.

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available for local adults: reading, classroom assistance, field trip arrangements and supervision, and parent group facilitation are just a few of the volunteer opportunities available. If you are interested in volunteering or enrolling a student scholar, please contact Alisha Tatem, Project Director at freedomschoolallentown@gmail.com or fill out questionnaire at https://forms.gle/bDxXRW8x8YnnJGmk8.


Creating communities of excellence, equity, and empowered residents”

Resurrected Community Development Corporation, Inc.

144 North Ninth Street, Allentown, Pennsylvania 18102

484-221-8179 (0) 484-274-6832 (f)



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