****UPDATE CATCH A YOUNG PERSON EVENT RESCHEDULED – Wednesday, February 24—5:30pm. *****

The winners of the City of Allentown and the Allentown Presidents’ Council “Catch a Young Person Doing Something Right” campaign will be honored at a reception on Tuesday, February 16, 2016 at 5:30 pm at Lincoln Leadership Academy campus at 1401 E. Cedar Street.

Launched in 2012, the “Catch a Young Person Doing Something Right” campaign is a way to recognize the numerous young people who contribute to the well-being of Allentown.

According to Mayor Ed Pawlowski, “Allentown is fortunate to be served by many enthusiastic individuals.  The eagerness to help those in need extends beyond committed adults to our young residents too.  I am pleased to recognize these young people and thank the adults who took the time to bring them to our attention.”

The students are feted at a catered awards dinner sponsored by LifeChurch.  They will receive certificates from the mayor.  

Winners are honored according to age groups in the following categories: Volunteerism – for assisting someone or improving a neighborhood or the community in general. Going Above and Beyond the Call of Duty – for doing more than following the rules, such as making a good decision even when peers chose otherwise. For showing leadership skills, critical thinking, problem solving, maturity or conflict resolution. Scholarship – Notable academic improvement and or academic excellence.

  • Category for 7 – 10 year olds

o    Volunteerism – Girl Scout Junior Troop 6408 – (8) they are: November Barton-Moore, Fatima Chehouri, Tessa Dejesus, Arianna Green, Caitlynn Hodge, Anneliese Kloiber, Amelia Michener, Katelyn Smoyer, Patrick O’Keefe

o    Going Above & Beyond – Individual, Chase Fenstermaker  the Call of Duty

o    Going Above & Beyond – Individual, Giuseppe Andriulli  the Call of Duty

o    Scholastic achievement – Individual, Allison Orellana

  • Category for 11- 14 year olds

o    Volunteerism – Individual, Dyane Cruz

o    Volunteerism – Trexler Middle School National Junior Honor Society – (11) they are: Melissa Fatzinger, Mya Zettlemoyer, Juliana Segarra, Cindy Luu, Sammi Ciommo, Lindsay Shoemaker, Meredith Schafer, Carrie Spangler, Victoria Rivera, Kaitlyn Garcia, Aaliyah Sela

o    Volunteerism – Girl Scout Junior Troop 6408 – (2) Gianny Gutierrez, Brighid O’Keefe

o    Volunteerism – Individual, JayVian Boston

  • Going Above & Beyond – Individual,Anishae S Walker  the Call of Duty
  • Category for 15- 18 years olds

o    Volunteerism – Individual, Ana Montanez

o    Volunteerism – William Allen InterAct club – Leticia Melendez, Liz Medina, Brianna Jerome, Ethan Aurich, Ashaunti Oquendo, Taisha Rodriguez, Jose Amin Rodriguez, Ree Moh, Edwin Lopez, Pamela Matias, Jennifer Espinoza, Onelia Banegas, Ayvis Hidalgo, Karla Perallon, Jennifer Morales, Vinalys Mercado, Nixandra Fran, Miguel Alvardo, Yanelis Morales, Carolina Ovalle

o    Volunteerism – Dieruff High School “Sew What?” Club – (8) they are: Nadia Ramos, Luis Crespo, Hiba Zukimi, Alexandra Juarez, Laticia Feliciano, Yachiro Carlo, Brian Carlo, Angela Yowakim

o    Going Above & Beyond – Individual, Joseph Marte the Call of Duty


For more information on the event contact Mayor’s Assistant Ismael Arcelay at 610-437-7743.
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