Gotta Have heART

WHAT: “Art Show” – Silent Auction benefiting the Allentown Rescue Mission
WHERE: Macungie Institute at 510 E Main Street, Macungie PA 18062
WHEN: Saturday November 19th, 2016 from 6-9pm
ORGANIZED BY: Angela Darling Faidley – Out of Our Minds Art Studio

One day while on the computer, I followed a link to a Youtube video. The video was warm and fuzzy, about a hairdresser that organized a group of fellow beauticians to cut hair at a homeless shelter. The part of the video that moved me most was at the very end when they interviewed the men that received these haircuts; they said that they felt “human” again. They stated that they usually felt invisible; people just walk by them like they were not even there, but these haircuts made them feel like everyone else. When the video ended and I had tears in my eyes, I wished I were a beautician that I could do something like that.

That is when I hit myself in the head and said “you own Out of Our Minds Art Studio and paint with people every day of your life” why couldn’t you paint with people that would never get that opportunity. The next day I put the wheels in motion. I contacted the Allentown Rescue Mission and set up a painting session with the men there. Now each month I travel to the mission to paint with a group of men. Our first undertaking was self-portraits. Some were quite good, while others just enjoyed being able to pick up a brush and enjoy expressing themselves. Our next visits we will be painting landscapes.

It is humbling to talk to the men while I am there. One had worked in a graphics business, another was a painter that had not picked up a brush in years, some wrestled with addictions, and others just hit hard times. What we all have in common is we are just looking for a place in this world, a place to be accepted, to be needed and a place to be wanted. It has been a life changing experience for me.

I shared my story and have been graciously offered the Macungie Institute at 510 E Main Street, Macungie to house a “Art Show” featuring the men’s work. It will take place on Saturday November 19th, 2016 from 6-9. A talented musician name Matt Schmoyer has offered to play acoustics during the event. As the story spread, I have had many people step forward and offered items to create a Basket Raffle. I would also like to ask fellow artist and photographers if they would donate a painting, drawing or photo no large than 8×10 depicting “Hope.” Your works of art will be in a silent auction. I will give 100% of the profits to the Allentown Rescue Mission.

Can you help in someway? A piece of Artwork, Photograph, a item for a basket raffle, a bottle of wine…. anything that will enhance the evening……. and what I need most …. IS YOU!!!

If you live in the area YOUR ATTENDANCE would be so WONDERFUL. Please come ,,, beacuase everyone has Gotta Have heart.
Angela Darling Faidley
Out of Our Minds Art Studio
65 Lea Street Macungie, PA 18062 / 610-762-5694