Interview with THE DIVES – By: Janel Spiegel

Interview By: Janel Spiegel

Interview with THE DIVES

New York City based nationally renowned power pop rock band, THE DIVES, is set to headline Easton’s new music venue, One Centre Square, on Fri. Sept. 29 from 10pm to 12:45am. Fans will have the opportunity to Meet-and-Greet with the band for photos and autographs.

THE DIVES are front man Evan Stanley (lead guitar/lead vocals), Mike Lefton (lead guitar/lead vocals), Sergio Ortega (bass/vocals), and Jimmy Meier (drums/vocals). Touring nationally and internationally, THE DIVES perform an eclectic mix of their original high-energy hit songs such as “Anticipation” and “Take it All.”

Tickets are $15 to $17. To purchase tickets before they sell out, visit, or call the venue at 610-905-2300. For more information about THE DIVES, visit their website, or their Facebook at thedivesmusic. Opening acts start at 9pm. The venue’s address is One Centre Square, 1 Centre Square, Easton, PA 18042.

The Valley Ledger’s Janel Spiegel got a chance to interview Evan, Mike, Sergio, and Jimmy to learn more about THE DIVES and their current tour.


First off thank you so much for taking part in the interview with me and The Valley Ledger. 

E, J, M – Our pleasure, thanks for having us! 

S – Gracias.

Are there songs that you are more excited to play while on tour?

E, J, M, S – At this point, there’s not one song that’s more enjoyable to play live than another. Our favorite song to play can change with every show and we can’t predict it. The energy of the audience always determines that. If they love something, we feel it and it makes it more exciting for us. 

Will THE DIVES be working on a new album soon?

E, J, M, S – We’re always working on new music, either completed songs or ones that are still in the writing process.  People listen to music differently now. We might release singles or another EP before we think about a full album. 

What made you get into music and was there someone that inspired each of you professionally? 

E – I grew up watching my dad on stage, but what really set me off was when my best friend, Justin, picked up the guitar. I remember going over to his house one day and he said, “watch this,” and played “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” I didn’t even like Nirvana at the time, but the fact that he could play a song I knew blew me away.

J – I think the answer is simple. Ever since I picked up an instrument in middle school, I could never see myself doing anything but music. I think I would have to say my parents were such an inspiration because they believed in me and never once made me second guess myself. I’ve been privileged to be surrounded with really supportive mentors growing up in the business and am super thankful to everyone who helped.

M – When I was 6 my initial inspiration was John Lennon. I saw A Hard Day’s Night and Help! and immediately knew I wanted to be in a band, and by 9 I was playing guitar. 

S – I’ve had a love for music, instruments, and performance from a very young age. My family doesn’t really have a musical background, but music just seemed to make sense for me personally. I had been really lucky to have some amazing and inspiring teachers during my childhood. I’m forever grateful for them.

What do each of you want to say to the fans? 

E – Really just a huge thank you. At the end of the day, it’s the fans who decide what succeeds and endures, so their support really means the world to us. 

M – The fans have been great, really it’s to say thank you for all the support. We haven’t been together that long so to have so many people supporting us, as well as several fan clubs around the world, has been amazing to say the least. 

J – “Spread the word!”. Nothing helps spread our music faster than word of mouth. We appreciate your support so much, and the best way to help us out is to share our music with your friends! 

S – Thank you!

Is there a moment while on tour that each of you remember the most?

E – The whole thing is always such a blast that it’s so hard to choose just one moment. Playing the El Rey was a big one for me. I used to see shows there growing up, so getting to go back and actually play it was a pretty great feeling.

J – I think that meeting up with fans after each show is always so great. A lot of parents walk up with their kids and tell us that it is their first concert, and I feel so privileged to have been a part of that experience. My first concert was life-changing…so it is so cool to be someone else’s!

M – On this last tour we went on, I was sick during the first leg of the tour, so after we did the first show in Chicago, I wasn’t sure how the show went. But when we went to our merchandise booth to do the meet and greet, the line of people to see us was down the hall, which made me in particular feel really great. 

S – There are many moments and I honestly can’t wait to have more moments and memories with these guys. 

Is there anything you guys do before heading out on-stage?

S – We stand in sort of sun-god robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at us.  

E, J, M – Sometimes we’ll sing a short portion of a song in harmony just as a warm up before the show. Other than that, we just tune up and drink water. We put a lot of energy into our shows and we sweat a LOT.

What are you excited about performing in Easton, PA?

E – I’ve never been before, but I’m always excited at the chance to explore a new place and do what we all love. 

J – This will be our first headlining show in Pennsylvania, and we are so excited! There’s nothing better than playing a new city you’ve never been too before and meeting new friends! 

M – I’ve actually been fortunate enough to perform in Easton several times before, so I’m mostly excited to come back with this band.

S – I also heard that the world’s largest crayon is located in Easton. I need to see this thing!

Which song do you think the fans will be most excited to hear? (I LOVE Anticipation, Man, Oh Mandy, Make It Like The Movies- just to name a few!) 

E, J, M, S – Hopefully all of them! They’re all special to us, so we want fans to feel the same way that we do! 

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