Blueberries, Blueberries, Blueberries!

Photography by: Kimberly Kanuck   |     Article by: Joe Scrizzi

I had the opportunity to attend the Annual Blueberry Festival at the Burnside Plantation in Bethlehem PA, Saturday with some friends.

As we walked in, we saw Colonial Brewing with Craig Larimer crafting homemade beer. After a short introduction of beer making, we were invited to check out the Goundie House at a later date to learn about this process.

Tasted a Blueberry Selzter from Cave Brewery, very light and refreshing. I could have sipped that all day under a willow by the stream.

All kinds of Craftsmen on site showing the skills of their trades, during the Colonial Era which took place between 1607 – 1775.

I especially enjoyed seeing the large bellows fanning the fire to forge tools and knives.

I missed getting a broom before I left, they were making them on site, definitely high quality and some artsy styles as well.

There were musicians playing throughout the day, along with live demonstrations, food vendors & plenty unique crafts tents.

Petting zoo & lawn games for kids, Pony Rides in the Orchard.

All in all, even with the crazy heat, a lot of people were coming and going throughout the day checking out the festivities!

Blueberry Fest runs Sunday July 16th from 11AM – 7PM. If you have an opportunity,  I highly recommend folks venturing out to check it out!

Pack water and stay hydrated.